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Climate-friendly holidays

Whether by plane, bus, car or train:
Our guests' travel to and from the hotel generates CO2 emissions.

To calculate this, we use a complex analysis tool from Klimapatenschaft GmbH, which uses the postcodes of our guests to determine the emissions impact of travelling to and from us in Cuxhaven.
In addition, we receive further significant information, which enables us to better recognise and exploit the potential of sustainable tourism.

We have been supporting and participating in the "Küstenliebe Cuxhaven" project since 2017, and from spring 2022 we will have made the switch to environmentally friendly materials for brochure mailing.

By purchasing CO2 certificates through Klimapatenschaft GmbH, we almost completely offset the CO2 emissions determined and, in addition, support the following nature conservation and environmental protection projects via donations to fully offset the emissions in order to counteract climate change.

The KlimaMoor "Am Löh", Ahlenmoor

Stiftung Zukunft Wald - School Forests against Climate Change

Nature Conservation Foundation County of Cuxhaven

Küstenliebe - The story of coastal love

Production and dispatch of advertising material

We pay attention to the environmental friendliness of the materials used in the production of advertising materials and their dispatch.

Digital guest card

Sustainable tourism: Cuxhaven offers the digital guest card.

Climate sponsorship biogas power plant

The biogas power plant is to be built near the village of Molu in the Koca Sinan district of Kayseri province in Turkey. The project aims to avoid greenhouse gas emissions from the existing landfill by collecting biogas to generate electricity. In addition to the direct avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions, further indirect emission reductions are thus achieved through the CO2-neutral replacement of fossil fuels for electricity generation. The measure includes the installation of a landfill gas extraction system, a closed flare and a biogas-powered genset for electricity generation.

Guacamaya: Energy from run-of-river power

Between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, crisscrossed by many river systems, lie the coastal plains and rugged mountain ranges of the three Central American countries of Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua.
The Guacamaya Program supports the development of small run-of-river power plants connected to the national grid in remote and underdeveloped regions of the countries with the aim of reducing poverty and inequality in rural areas, improving health, expanding educational opportunities and promoting economic growth. In addition to improving local infrastructure, jobs are created and education strengthened.

You can help us to offer you a climate-friendly vacation by contributing to the "climate protection, postage & cost sharing" when sending out brochures or by making a separate donation towards the costs we incur for environmental protection.

Please help and donate via PayPal

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