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Island holidays in the Mudflat Sea

Neuwerk Island

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North Sea Spa Cuxhaven GmbH

Cuxhavener Str. 92
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The quiet island in the Mudflat Sea

Walk a few kilometres through the mudflats and you're already in Hamburg. In fact, the small island of Neuwerk, located only 10 km northwest of Cuxhaven, has belonged to the Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the Hamburg mudflat Sea World Heritage Site since 1204.
You can reach the island at low tide on foot, on horseback or by mudflat car , and at high tide by boat. It is advisable to combine two of these types of travel.
If you are looking for solitude here, you will have to share it with 120,000 guests who visit the island, which is only 3 km² in size, every year. But in the evening, most of the visitors are back on the mainland and the remaining holidaymakers have the island all to themselves amidst the grandiose nature.

The National Park House on Neuwerk informs you about the flora and fauna in the Hamburg mudflat Sea World Heritage Site and turns your excursion into a nature experience.

By the way, Hamburg's oldest building stands far from the Hanseatic city - on Neuwerk. The 700-year-old lighthouse is 45 m high and the island's imposing landmark. Time and again, the islanders found refuge in its up to 2.80 m thick walls during storm tides. If you climb the 138 steps, you will be rewarded with a fascinating view of the mudflat Sea. Another sight on Neuwerk is the cemetery of the nameless, which has existed since 1319 and where unknown drowned sailors found their final resting place.

The islanders have over 130 guest beds ready for all guests who are "ready for the island". In addition to a camping site and a school hostel, guests can also spend the night in the lighthouse. Romantics can sleep in fragrant, fresh hay.

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