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Family & Kids

Action for children


Bathing in the North Sea is a great experience. But the water is not always there due to low and high tide. How about having a really nice mud fight with the family at low tide? Once you're really dirty, you can wash yourself clean again at the public showers on the beach.



If the weather makes swimming at the beach no fun, you can go to the adventure pool "ahoi!" in Duhnen. It's a total shocker! Surf waves, slides, whirlpools and an extra children's pool await lots of little water rats.



The little balls go plop at the miniature golf courses and the AdventureGolf Parkwhen you have hit the hole. There are miniature golf courses in Döse and Sahlenburg. AdventureGolf Park in Duhnen. But you can also do somersaults at the trampoline centres. These are located at Strandhaus Döse, at the fairground at Strandbad Kugelbake and in Sahlenburg on Strandstraße.




https://www.duhnen.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Kletterpark_Cuxhaven.jpgAre you looking for a challenge, excitement and action outdoors? In our Climbing park - directly at the mudflat Sea World Heritage Site - you can test your limits, have a lot of fun and action, be in the middle of nature and have a fantastic view of the sea. From children's courses to partner courses, there is something for everyone. It doesn't matter whether you want to let your soul dangle litrally or are looking for a sporting challenge. True to our motto - find your limit - come and let us inspire you!

Your climbing park team is looking forward to your visit!


Attention, bull's eye

Basketball hoops, soccer goals and volleyball nets can be found on the meadows in front of the dike in Sahlenburg (Wattwagenauffahrt), in Döse (Strandhaus) and of course in the Sparkassen-BeachArena in Duhnen. Table tennis tables are located directly at the beach house in Döse, where you can also play chess with large figures. During the summer vacations, large beach sports tournaments take place in the Sparkassen-BeachArena, often with an additional children's program.


If you want to know how to tie a real sailor's knot, visit the nice people from the CFC Freie Segler-Vereinigung der Catamaran-Freunde Cuxhaven e.V.. You can meet them at the Cat-Platz in Sahlenburg. You can find out exactly when they will be there in the CUX-TIPPS.


In the zoo - in the spa park Döse - near the event centre you will find many different birds, ducks, seals and penguins as well as owls like in Harry Potter. However, these owls don't have to deliver any mail. Where is the cage? Well, you'll have to look for it yourself...


Always with the trunk into the wind

Small sled kites with only one line are allowed to fly everywhere in the beach area all year round. Except at the tidal flat driveways! But always be careful with the transparent lines. If someone gets them off, there will not only be pain or even serious injuries, but also a lot of "Tüddellüt" with the lines and sometimes tangled kites! Multi-line kites, especially combat kites, are therefore forbidden. And for safety reasons, stunt kites may only be flown on specially marked sections of the beach in Sahlenburg and Döse. In August there is a big kite festival in Altenbruch where the craziest kites - like Ernie & Bert, octopuses and even tables - fly through the air.

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