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Coastal love

The story of coastal love

In summer 2016, a great campaign spilled over from Helgoland to us in Cuxhaven.
To draw attention to the pollution of the oceans, "de green anna" was launched on Helgoland. Under the motto "Show the flag, take a stand, stand up for something", the project for the reduction and clever reuse of plastics is presented. A robust reusable carrier bag, which consists of about 80% recycled PET bottles, is environmentally friendly, waterproof and stable, offers residents and tourists not only a wonderful alternative to the disposable plastic bag, but also the opportunity to set a sign and bring it to the world!

The Duhnen tourist office also wants to follow this basic idea by example and create awareness that a carrier bag is more than just a service. The campaign design was developed by Maya Philine Henze from feinfi neart.de. With Küstenliebe Cuxhaven, she not only takes into account the political aspect of the project, but also creates both an emotional accessory for Cuxhaven residents and a fashionable holiday souvenir for tourists.

Why made from PET bottles?
Irrespective of the fact that this project wants to draw attention to the excessive consumption of plastic bags and the environmental pollution as a consequence, the reusable bags are appropriately made of recycled "plastic", which in the present variant has the most environmentally friendly eco-balance. This is because cotton bags consume a lot of water and energy in the manufacturing process and paper bags have to be chemically treated.

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