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Ships within reach

Altenbruch district

Recreation on the world shipping route - ships within reach

https://www.duhnen.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/altenbruch-wappen.jpgThe meeting place for ship spotters and port of call for recreational captains - Altenbruch is characterised by the passing ships on the world shipping route and a fine, maritime flair.
Even in earlier times, this district was a wealthy place, and today the stylish villas still bear witness to the former prosperity. The beautiful buildings are crowned by "Anna and Beate", the two spires of the St. Nicolai Church. With their proud height of 45 m, they served as orientation for ships for a long time.
But horse breeding also has a long tradition in Altenbruch. As early as 1824, a stallion station of the Celle State Stud was built in Altenbruch; and even today Altenbruch is considered a high breeding area for noble Hanoverians.

From the promenade you can wave to the ships, marvel at cruisers and container giants. Bathing enthusiasts can swim and bathe with the tide in the buoy bath. There is a designated dog beach for holidaymakers with their four-legged friends.

Next to the marina with its guest berths, the "Dicke Berta" museum lighthouse, which is over 100 years old, rises on the dyke. The black and white tower can be visited from Easter to September, and weddings can even be held here on request.

The historic centre of the village with the over 100-year-old Art Nouveau villa "Gehben", the German
submarine archive and the St. Nicolai Church, popularly known as "Bauerndom", with its historic Klapmeyer organ - a treat for the eyes and ears, highly appreciated by connoisseurs. Well-known organists come from far and wide to give concerts or make recordings.

Extensive hiking trails lead through the varied landscape and invite you to take long walks along the dykes. Accommodation is available for holidaymakers in hotels, in numerous holiday flats and private rooms, in holiday homes, on farms and at campsites along the world shipping route.

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