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Many roads lead to Cuxhaven

Your journey to the North Sea spa Cuxhaven

... by bike. All roads lead to Cuxhaven - at least if you are a cyclist on the Elbe, Weser or North Sea Coast Cycle Path.

... by car. Take the A 1 and the A 27 past Bremen directly to the North Sea spa town of Cuxhaven. Coming from Hamburg, you can reach Cuxhaven via the Bundesstraße 73. Information on electricity filling stations can be found under this link.

... by train. You can travel to Cuxhaven quite comfortably by train, past the beautiful North German countryside. From Hamburg you can travel by direct train every hour. From Bremen, you first travel to Bremerhaven and then continue to Cuxhaven with the EVB (Eisenbahnen und Verkehrsbetriebe Elbe-Weser GmbH). All connections to / from Cuxhaven and in the city traffic can be accessed via the DB AG timetable information(www.bahn.de).

... by boat. The maritime city by the sea can of course also be reached by ship. From Hamburg you can reach Cuxhaven daily from March to October with the catamaran "Halunder Jet" of the shipping company FRS and from Sylt during the season on certain days with the "MS Adler Cat"(see ferry connection). Please note that timetables may vary depending on the weather and tides. For detailed information, please use the information at www.helgoline.de and www.adler-schiffe.de

... by plane. The nearest international airports are Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel and Bremen. It is also possible to travel by small plane via the Cuxhaven / Nordholz seaport.

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