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Holiday in the green village

Stickenbüttel district

Accommodation service

North Sea Spa Cuxhaven GmbH

Cuxhavener Str. 92
27476 Cuxhaven

Tel.: 0 47 21 / 40 42 00
Fax: 0 47 21 / 40 42 99


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The village in the middle of the city

https://www.duhnen.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/stickenbuettel-wappen.jpgAnyone who loves peace and tranquillity will feel at home here. The small Cuxhaven district on the northern foothills of the Hohe Lieth has retained its very own charm despite its proximity to the city centre.
Farm cottages under old trees and houses whose gardens open onto the landscape line up along the old village streets.
The location has many advantages: The beaches of Duhnen and Sahlenburg are practically "around the corner" for you, it is not far to the harbour and to stroll into town.

In Stickenbüttel you will not find large hotel chains, but cosy and inexpensive holiday flats and guest houses as well as a number of private rentals.

The small district lies directly on the Brockeswald forest and is surrounded by enchanting paths that are ideal for cycling.

The Pastor-Drägert-Weg invites you to go for a walk or jog. On this beautiful walk, along the Döser Wettern, you can experience the charming transitions between the Geest and the moor, the play of light and shadow of the Brockeswald and the typical hedgerow landscape.

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