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Cuxhaven - right in the middle
at the World Heritage Site!

Mudflat hiking is a special nature experience

Twice a day the North Sea releases the seabed at low tide - here off Cuxhaven even 20 km wide. Our predominantly solid mudflats invite you to visit. It is part of the world's unique natural landscape, the Mudflat Sea, which stretches from the Netherlands across the German North Sea coast to Denmark.

Here you can discover a fascinating animal and plant world. Countless crabs, mussels and lugworms live on and in the mudflats. They are food for fish, seals and millions of migratory birds that rest in the Mudflat Sea in spring and autumn.

Along with the high mountains, the Mudflat Sea is one of the last true natural landscapes in Central Europe. It is therefore protected as a national park and was also designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. The Mudflat Sea can now be mentioned in the same breath as natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Grand Canyon in the USA or the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

The special features of the Mudflat Sea can best be experienced on a mudflat hike with local and expert mudflat guides or you can enjoy nature on a horse-drawn carriage ride to Neuwerk. We have compiled the diverse offers in Cuxhaven for you here.

The current Lower Saxony Ordinance on Guided Tours on Tidal Flats (NWattFVO) provides for a restriction of the guided group to a maximum of 30 people, in exceptional cases to 50 people. 

We kindly ask you to register directly with the respective organisers in good time before the guided tour.

You can find all the mudflat tours on offer as well as contact details in our brochure "Mudflat hiking in the World Heritage Site", which you can view directly online here.

Be sure to observe the mudflat walking times indicated on this homepage and on the information boards on the beach.

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