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General & Notes

Terms and Conditions for the Accommodation of Guests and for the Provision of Accommodation Services

Dear guests,

the company CUX-Tourismus GmbH, Cuxhavener Straße 92, 27476 Cuxhaven, telephone 04721/404200, fax 04721/404299, e-mail info@cuxhaven-tours.de, hereinafter abbreviated to "CT", acts as a booking agent for hotel/private rooms and holiday accommodation in accordance with the current booking offer as well as tourist services.

Contractual relationships arise directly between the accommodation provider or service provider and the guest.

The following terms and conditions, insofar as effectively included, shall become the content of the contract on accommodation services / tourist services concluded between the accommodation provider ("BHB" abbreviated) or other service provider ("LT" abbreviated) and you.

Therefore, please read these conditions carefully.

Terms and conditions for guest accommodation Cuxhaven (30,3 KiB)
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