Sustainable tourism: Cuxhaven introduces digital guest card


Simple, future-oriented handling of the guest card (formerly spa card) - that is the primary goal of the new digital guest card in the city of Cuxhaven. From now on, Cuxhaven guests can conveniently download the proof of the paid spa tax onto their smartphone before arrival. With this innovation, the North Sea spa of Cuxhaven is laying the foundation for further digitalisation measures.

For sustainable tourism: Holidaymakers in Cuxhaven can now manage their guest cards digitally - a printout is no longer mandatory. This additional offer is not only a benefit for environmental reasons, but is also intended to make guests' holidays as pleasant as possible.

Since the end of September, the municipality has been offering accommodation providers the option of providing their guests with the guest card digitally by e-mail on their smartphone - as a PDF file and wallet file. By saving the guest card on the smartphone, it is always available and there is no need to keep the paper card. Those who do not wish to use the digital guest card can continue to use the familiar paper card without restriction.

By showing the guest card, holidaymakers receive, for example, free access to the beaches and reduced admission to the swimming pools. As part of a mutual recognition of guest cards, visitors also have the opportunity to visit many beaches and tourist facilities throughout Cuxland free of charge or at reduced rates.

Landlords who decide to activate the new function offer their guests a convenient and simple option for dealing with the guest card. With the advance of digitalisation in the tourism sector, the North Sea spa Cuxhaven would like to position itself as a holiday destination that is even more fit for the future.

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