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Rider's Paradise Cuxhaven

The varied landscape in front of and behind the dyke offers optimal conditions for riders and horses. There are numerous pony and riding farms where you can learn to ride. If you want to spend your holiday with your own horse, you will find accommodation with guest stalls. Wonderful rides on the mudflats, in the Wernerwald forest or in the Cuxhaven coastal heath offer you ideal opportunities to escape the stress of everyday life.
The riding map The Cuxhaven Horse Riding Centre shows you a wide variety of ways to discover our beautiful countryside on specially designated bridle paths. However, this unique riding area directly on the North Sea requires a great deal of maintenance. We depend on your support so that we can continue to design and maintain the attractive network of bridle paths. Therefore, please purchase a vignette (identification number for the horse) before using our bridle path network.

The riding vignettes are available in the following scales:

  • 3-day riding vignette € 5.00
  • 2-week riding vignette €15.00
  • Annual riding vignette € 75.00

For more information on dispensaries, vets, farriers, riding stables and much more, see the Horse Riding brochure.

Allow us to conclude with a few remarks:

  • In the mutual interest, please show consideration for other riders, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • When arriving with horses, please use the public parking spaces.
  • Road traffic regulations also apply to riders. Riding is prohibited on footpaths and cycle paths.
  • Please ride only on the designated bridle paths to avoid damage to nature and the landscape.
  • Horse riding is prohibited on the bathing beach and in the 500 m wide offshore mudflat strip.
  • When entering the Sahlenburg mudflats, please only use the two access points provided for this purpose (mudflat entrance Hans-Claußen-Str. and entrance in front of the Wernerwald).
  • Please be considerate of mudflat walkers and tidal flat cars along the tidal flat paths and be sure to observe the low tide and high tide times.
  • Riding in the vignette area is at your own risk within the framework of the right of access of §§ 23 - 30 of the NWaldG as amended. The landowner is not liable for damages, unless the person concerned can be proven to have acted intentionally.
  • A violation can lead to a prohibition of the area.
  • Due to heavy siltation of the tidal flats in the area of the Duhner Anwachs (see riding map), there is a danger of sinking. Please avoid this area at all costs.
  • Please note that the mudflats and the location and depth of the tideways are constantly changing. Before you start a horseback riding excursion into the mudflats, you should therefore inform yourself in detail.

We thank you very much for your considerate behaviour and understanding!

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