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Climbing Park at the mudflat Sea

Climbing Park Cuxhaven

Climbing Park Cuxhaven

Wernerwaldstr. 2
27476 Cuxhaven Sahlenburg

Tel: 04721 6986138
e-mail: info@kletterpark-cuxhaven.de

Welcome to Kletterpark Cuxhaven, the only forest climbing park located directly on the mudflat Sea World Heritage Site. From the tops of the black pines, you can enjoy a unique view of the island of Neuwerk, the expanse of the North Sea and the Elbe estuary with its ocean giants.

With its 65 elements, the Cuxhaven Climbing Park offers climbing fun for the whole family. Whether it's the pirate course - where the little ones can experience the great climbing adventure all by themselves from a minimum height of 1.15 m and an age of 4 years - or the Helgoland, Neuwerk and Scharhörn courses offer a flight of fancy for body and soul. Real team spirit is required on our partner course Alte Liebe, which can only be completed in pairs.
Our highlight with a special kick is the Cuxslide zip wire course with a height of up to 13 metres and 75 m long zip wires and the final jump from a height of 8 m into the void.

Our forest bistro offers visitors a selection of grilled dishes and hearty soups in addition to delicious ice cream, snacks, cold drinks and coffee specialities. From the cosy terrace you can watch the climbers excellently or look from the summer meadow over the sea to Neuwerk and enjoy the sunset with a glass of

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