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Family & Kids

Little pirates...

..ready for great deeds!

Children want... action! And there's plenty of that in Cuxhaven to keep adventure-hungry kids happy. The family-friendly beaches open up almost unlimited possibilities for exuberant sand and water games - and even when the sun doesn't want to show its face, entertainment is provided: the "ahoi!" adventure pool offers pure bathing pleasure with surf waves, a giant slide, whirlpool, waterfall and fun pool.

A wonderful attraction - not only for young guests - are the animal enclosures in the spa park, where the seals can be watched being fed and cute penguins provide amusement.

The well-being of your children is close to our hearts:
Throughout the season, our child carers, the "Fun Team", are there for age-appropriate children's events, creative lessons and gymnastics sessions for your kids.

Ideal for children - holiday by the sea!

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