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On a discovery tour by bike


In addition to the maritime diversity of the harbour and the world shipping route, the healthy climate and the kilometres of sandy and green beaches, our North Sea spa offers plenty of sporting variety. There are over 100 kilometres of specially signposted cycle paths in the North Sea spa of Cuxhaven alone. The offer is supplemented by numerous cycling tours through the neighbouring "Cuxland". Various long-distance cycle routes such as the Elbe Cycle Path and Elbe-Weser Cycle Path or the North Sea Coast Cycle Path lead through our North Sea spa or end here. To the Cuxland tour planner...

Some of the cycle paths and especially the Nordic walking tours are forest paths. These are partly located in the nature reserve "Cuxhavener Küstenheiden", which is of international importance. Please observe the regulations in the nature reserve. Numerous information boards in the area provide information on this. The signposted paths are suitable for cycling, but are not specially paved cycle paths.

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