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In the rollercoaster of the tides

UNESCO mudflat Sea World Heritage

A landscape that is completely flooded with water twice a day and then dries out again is something very special worldwide. When it also provides a unique habitat for many plants and animals, then this landscape is also particularly worthy of protection. In 2009, the World Heritage Committee designated the mudflat Sea a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mudflat Sea can now be mentioned in the same breath as natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Grand Canyon in the USA, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa and the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

A natural beauty

UNESCO awarded this special distinction to the approximately 400-kilometre-long coastal strip that stretches from the Dutch island of Texel to the northern tip of Sylt. The mudflat Sea, which covers about 10,000 square kilometres, is one of the largest wetlands on earth and a globally unique natural landscape with a fascinating animal and plant world. Grey seals, harbour seals and crabs are at home in the mudflat Sea, and about 10 million migratory birds rest here every year. And 2300 different animal and plant species live in the salt marshes. A habitat that must be protected at all costs.

The Blue Classroom

The UNESCO designation for the mudflat Sea is not only a great honour, but also carries with it the responsibility to protect this unique habitat. The importance of the mudflat Sea ecosystem for many animals and plants is something that even the youngest children should learn. For this reason, the "Blue Classroom" is held annually in Cuxhaven. For this purpose, an extracurricular learning site is set up on the beach (a tent near the rescue station at the Kugelbake lido). The marine world is explained to children aged three to twelve in an understandable and exciting way. Ecological awareness is promoted, current environmental problems are questioned and at the same time environmental pollution is pointed out.

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