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Cuxhaven - right in the middle of the World Heritage Site!

Important tips for your mudflat walk

  1. Never go onto the mudflats in fog. Leave the mudflats immediately if there is a thunderstorm or sea fog.
  2. Note a marker point on the mainland. Walk along the marked paths (Prickenweg).
  3. Mussel beds are a serious risk of injury for bare feet. ATTENTION: We recommend that you bring old trainers to participate in the guided tour of the Sahlenburg mudflats. Alternatively, you can purchase mudflat shoes on site at the tourist information offices.
  4. If the water is rising, please avoid the vicinity of the tideways - strong current! - Even experienced swimmers should never attempt to swim through a tideway.
  5. If you are in danger when the water is rising, immediately move to the platform of a lifebuoy. You will be safe there. Make yourself noticed by using the signalling devices located there and wait for the rescue forces.
  6. When the red signal ball at the rescue stations is raised, leave the area behind the tide lines and head for the front, landward tidal flat area.
  7. Please note the "Information for mudflat walkers" notices on the beach.
  8. Clothing October to April: rubber boots, jumper, rain gear, spare clothes. Clothing May to September: Barefoot or old trainers or waders, depending on the weather - shorts, swimming costume, sunscreen, towel (possibly jumper, rain jacket). For Neuwerk, always carry spare clothes (preferably packed waterproof).
  9. In the area of "new land reclamation" (salt marshes), dangerous mudflats are created by increased sediment deposits, therefore mudflat walking is to be avoided there.

How dangerous it can be to underestimate the approaching tide in the mudflats was shown by ZDF in the programme TerraXpress on 28.08.2011. It was filmed in the mudflats between Neuwerk and Cuxhaven.

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