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The happiness of the earth...

...sometimes lies at the bottom of the sea.
Duhner mudflat race

The Duhner mudflat race is the only horse racing event in Cuxland, the breeding area of famous "Hanoverians".
Even more: nowhere else in the world is there a comparable turf spectacle where, against the imposing backdrop of the world's shipping lane, nervy trotters and racy gallopers fight for place and victory in alternation on wet turf.

The world-famous "horse race at the bottom of the sea", which has been held in the Mudflat Sea off Duhnen since 1902, is one of the most bizarre traditional events internationally.

Press, radio and television from home and abroad report on the Wattrennen every year.

Source: duhner-wattrennen.de

The Duhner Wattrennen will take place
on Sunday, July 14, 2024


When the sea god Neptune and his entourage have cleared the mudflats, the worldwide unique event begins. Every 30 minutes, trotters and gallopers battle it out on the mudflats for victory, honour and lots of money. Before, between and after the races you will find an attractive range of gastronomy and other stalls for the whole family behind the dyke. A varied music programme brings the day to a pleasant end. Veranstalter Verein für Pferderennen auf dem Duhner Watt e.V. in cooperation with Nordseeheilbad Cuxhaven GmbH

Safe the Date:

89th Duhner Wadden Sea Race
Sunday, August 17, 2025

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