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Lots of good fishing spots

Fishing & Deep Sea Fishing

Sport fishermen and hobby anglers alike get their money's worth in Cuxhaven and cast their lines for perch, zander, eel and pike.

In principle, fishing is prohibited in the harbour, but there are a few exceptions.
The Lower Saxony Harbour Authority has approved four shore areas where amateur fishermen may position themselves with their rods (see map).

Members of the angling club whose fishing permit automatically includes the Cuxhaven seaport, as well as guest anglers who receive a fishing permit for a fee, may cast their lines at points at the ferry port, Lübbertkai at Steubenhöft, Lentzkai in Amerikahafen and Heringskai in Neuer Fischereihafen.
Fishing in the lock area and on and under movable bridges is prohibited.
If there are ships moored at the places approved for anglers, the fishing tackle must be packed away again. Fishing is only allowed on free quays and shore stretches, as the entire harbour is considered an operating site.
The permitted fishing spots in the harbour area are signposted. The fishing club also points out that a fishing permit can only be issued on the basis of a valid fishing licence or a fishing examination. However, carrying a fishing licence alone is not sufficient.

Further information about fishing in the Cuxhaven harbour area is available from the Cuxhaven-Land Hadeln angling club (homepage: www.av-cuxhaven.de). Local and out-of-town anglers can purchase tickets via the internet portal www.hejfisch.com.
Annual passes are available at a price of 33 euros.

(Source: Cuxhavener Nachrichten v. 19.03.2019 - Ulrich Rohde)

Fishing waters

Altenwalde fishing park

Salmon trout and golden trout


Brigitte Benz
Seeburg 6
27478 Cuxhaven - Altenwalde

Tel.: 0160 - 20 77 88 0

Cock on the Blink

Carp, pike, eel, tench, trout, perch, whitefish, bream


Andreas Hahn
Wehldorf 15
27478 Cuxhaven - Wehldorf

Tel.: 04722 - 626 u. 04751 - 56 98

Altenbrucher Canal, Brake

Pike, eel, whitefish, bream, rudd, roach, zander


Werner Schütt
Altembrucher Landstr. 3
27478 Cuxhaven - Altenbruch

Tel.: 04722 - 458


Angelverein Cuxhaven - Land Hadeln e.V.
Phone 0 47 21 / 6 49 20

Deep-sea fishing

Fishing trips to the fish-rich grounds around Helgoland are unfortunately no longer offered from Cuxhaven due to changes in EU regulations for passenger shipping.

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