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About us

The CUX-Tourismus GmbH...

... was founded in 1999 as a marketing and sales company for the North Sea spa resort of Cuxhaven, responsible for the following tasks:

  • Production and distribution of the holiday magazine Cuxhaven
  • Sales promotion
  • General image advertising for the North Sea spa resort of Cuxhaven (trade fairs, advertisements, etc.)
  • Accommodation service
  • Tourist Information
  • Services of all kinds in tourism

The shareholders are 8 of the 10 tourist associations based in Cuxhaven, the DeHoGa-Stadtverband Cuxhaven Interessenvertretung e.V. and the Nordseeheilbad Cuxhaven GmbH (merger of spa administration and event centre).
The city of Cuxhaven holds a 24.8% stake in the company through Nordseeheilbad Cuxhaven GmbH, with the remaining 75.2% held by the private sector.

CUX-Tourismus GmbH is financed through its own economic activities and also receives earmarked funding for general marketing for the North Sea spa resort of Cuxhaven.

For personal and telephone counselling, 12 employees are currently available in four branch offices (whose opening hours and staffing are adapted to seasonal conditions) in the following spa districts:

  • Duhnen
    (certified with the "i-Mark" of the German Tourism Association)
    Cuxhavener Str. 92, 27476 Cuxhaven

  • Döse
    (certified with the "i-Mark" of the German Tourism Association)
    Heinrich-Grube-Weg 2, 27476 Cuxhaven

  • Sahlenburg
    (certification with the "i-Mark" of the German Tourism Association aimed for after completion of renovation)
    Wernerwaldstr. 6, 27476 Cuxhaven

  • Train station
    (certified with the "i-Mark" of the German Tourism Association)
    Am Bahnhof 1, 27472 Cuxhaven


Your partner for everything to do with Cuxhaven's tourist attractions.

  • Information
    We are happy to answer your questions, call us or visit us at the tourist information offices.
  • Reservations
    From farm holidays to luxury hotels, we will find your desired accommodation.
  • Tickets
    A trip to Helgoland or Neuwerk, concerts, theatre and city tours - we have the tickets ready for you.
  • Offers
    We offer you exciting and attractive day trips as well as group tours and are happy to help you plan them.

Discounts at all CUX Tourism offices for our guests:

  • 10% discount on souvenir sales.
  • discounted tickets for the Thalasso centre ahoi!

CUX-Tourismus GmbH

Cuxhavener Straße 92 - 27476 Cuxhaven
Phone 0 47 21/40 42 00 - Fax 40 42 99
E-mail: info@cuxhaven-tours.de
Internet: www.cuxhaven-tours.de & www.duhnen.de

Bookings / Offices

CuxPoint station: 0 47 21 / 40 42 09

Döse: 0 47 21 / 40 42 14

Duhnen: 0 47 21 / 40 42 00

Sahlenburg: 0 47 21 / 40 42 16

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