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Cuxhaven - right in the middle of the World Heritage Site!

UNESCO Mudflat Sea World Heritage Visitor Centre Cuxhaven

Not far from the old location, in the middle of the unique Cuxhaven heath landscape and at the same time in the Mudflat Sea World Heritage Site and National Park, lies the new Mudflat Sea Visitor Centre. The architecturally impressive wooden build blends harmoniously into the natural landscape. Ecological aspects were implemented in an exemplary manner during the construction of the building.

The mudflat Sea Visitor Centre Cuxhaven invites visitors young and old to learn all there is to know about the Mudflat Sea World Heritage Site. Over 400 m² of exhibition space are waiting to be explored: Artistically designed information walls, seawater aquariums, a floodable tidal model and various installations illustrate global to local topics and show the diversity of nature. How do high and low tides occur? What lives in secret? What are the consequences of climate change? The answers reveal why the mudflat Sea is so special and worth protecting. And those who want to know more can browse through our library, either classically in books and magazines or interactively via tablet PC. The large panorama windows of the exhibition offer a unique view of the mudflat Sea as far as the island of Neuwerk and show the interplay of the tides.

For a direct experience of the unique nature, the mudflat Sea Visitor Centre offers guided tours to the different habitats on your doorstep. They go to the mudflats, but also to the salt marsh, the coastal heath or the adjacent forest, mostly on foot, sometimes also by bike.

The mudflat excursions are particularly popular. They take you to the Sahlenburg mudflats, usually as far as the first tidal flat.  it's not so much about "mudflat hiking", but about getting to know the habitat better: recognize traces of life on the mudflat floor correctly, taking a lugworm in your hand or observing how a cockle burrows back into the mud. The microscopy that follows takes a closer look at the living world. The number of participants is limited, so pre-registration by telephone is required.

You will find the mudflat Sea Visitor Centre Cuxhaven directly on Sahlenburg beach, admission is free.

UNESCO World Heritage Site
mudflat Sea Visitor Centre Cuxhaven
Nordheimstr. 200, 27476 Cuxhaven-Sahlenburg
phone 0 47 21 / 700 70 400
mail: wattbz@cuxhaven.de

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