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The family pool at the Kugelbake

Döse district

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North Sea Spa Cuxhaven GmbH

Heinrich-Grube-Weg 2
27476 Cuxhaven

Tel.: 0 47 21 / 40 42 14
Fax: 0 47 21 / 40 42 99


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The family bathroom

https://www.duhnen.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/doese-wappen.jpgHolidays at the tip of Lower Saxony: where the Elbe flows into the North Sea lies the district of Döse. Here two bodies of water meet and provide double holiday pleasure: Sandy and green beaches, sea and river, container giants and sailing ships.
Because this prominent point has always had strategic importance in shipping, the famous Kugelbake, Cuxhaven's landmark, stands here. In the past, this sea mark served as an important orientation aid for seafarers, and for many emigrants it was "the last corner before America".

Döse is for everyone, but especially for families:
Here you will find family-friendly holiday accommodation, affordable restaurants and a wide, shallow sandy beach. The Steinmarne open-air seawater pool invites you to swim regardless of the tide. In the spa park you can watch the penguins being fed or let off steam in the adventure playground.

Lips taste of salt, the wind tousles the hair, but the sun warms the skin. This is what a walk on the beach by the sea can feel like. The seating and rest areas on the beach promenade make the view of the sea, the world shipping route and the UNESCO World Heritage mudflat Sea even more beautiful.

Here, where heaven and earth share a stage, a magnificent natural spectacle unfolds before your eyes:
More than 30,000 ships pass the World Shipping Route at the mouth of the Elbe every year, and in front of them the kiters and surfers glide through the water and jump high into the air with ease in their spot around the Kugelbake.

There's something going on in Döse! Directly behind the dyke is Cuxhaven's event centre and the Kugelbake Fort, which served to defend the shipping route in the 19th century and today provides a beautiful backdrop for open-air events. Every year in September, the Döse district celebrates the "Op no Dös" street festival with its guests. You are cordially invited!

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