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Duhner Heath

The Duhner Heide is part of the "Lower Saxony mudflat Sea" National Park and is specially protected as a quiet zone. The special and scenic beauty of this area is that it has a natural sequence from mudflats to salt marshes to forest and heath. It is therefore very worthwhile to go on a discovery tour here.

Discovery trail Duhner Heath

https://www.duhnen.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/logo_duhner_heide.pngIn the Duhner Heide north of Sahlenburg, 12 boards have been set up along a path almost 2 km long, providing information about typical features and special features of the landscape.

Depending on your physical condition and curiosity, the tour lasts one to one and a half hours.

Because it is predominantly unpaved, mostly even sandy and uneven sections, the trail is only suitable for pedestrians.

https://www.duhnen.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/aussichtsplattform.jpgThe trail begins and ends at the visitor platform (stopping point of the dune railway between Duhnen and Sahlenburg). There, an information board provides initial information. The following topics are then covered on the trail:

  • Small heather moor "like a flake of cotton grass in the wind
  • Dwarf evergreen shrubs: the heath flora
  • Habitat specialists: the heath fauna
  • Gone with the Wind: Dunes on the Heath
  • Closely interwoven: Landscape history and history of use
  • Aliens gone native: Neophytes
  • Natural coastal protection: The Geestkliff
  • Combat zone between land and sea: coastal protection structures
  • Faces of the mudflats: Ebb and Flow
  • Freshwater springs in the mudflats: This salt marsh
  • (In)visible force: the wind

This is how to reach the Duhner Heide discovery trail:

on foot or by bicycle

  • from direction Sahlenburg / Sahlenburger Strand approx. 1km
  • from direction Duhnen / ahoi! approx. 2 km

with the dune railway (seasonal operation)

  • From the direction of Duhnen or Sahlenburg, get off at the visitor platform.

Map view Duhner Heide nature trail

All information about the Duhner Heide and the Mudflat Sea National Park can be found on the homepage of the Cuxhaven National Park Centre.

(Source: Flyer discovery trail Duhner Heide)

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