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Water, wind, waves

Water sports

Bathing and swimming

Swimming in the North Sea is a pleasure. The Sahlenburg, Duhnen and Döse beach sections have a particularly child-friendly water depth, so the little ones can splash around in the cool water to their heart's content. There are buoy bathing areas in Altenbruch and Grimmershörn - there you can go swimming under supervision from one hour before to one hour after high tide. Another bathing area is in Berensch-Arensch on the designated natural beach. You can find the daily bathing times in the current Cux tips. If the sun doesn't show itself, you can experience pure bathing pleasure in the "ahoi!" adventure pool with surf waves, giant slide, whirlpool, waterfall and fun pool.


Cuxhaven offers sailing enthusiasts and those who would like to become sailors optimal conditions to pursue this traditional water sport. Cast off and off you go! As if by magic, the sailing boats glide silently over the water. However, be aware of the current caused by the tide as the water goes down and up.

In the marina

Segler-Vereinigung Cuxhaven e. V.
Kapitän-Alexander-Straße 42
27472 Cuxhaven
Phone 0 47 21 / 2 22 80
E-mail: central@svconline.de
Internet: www.svconline.de
Harbour master: 1.4. - 31.10.
Phone 0 47 21 / 3 41 11

Courses for recreational skippers Sailing, sports boat licence, radiotelephone certificate

Sportschifferschule Cuxhaven
Captain R.-M. Dietzler
Marienstraße 36 a
27472 Cuxhaven
Phone 0 47 21 / 4 62 69

Sailing opportunities, knot-tying hours

Boat mooring:
directly on the Sahlenburg beach below the swimming master station
CFC Freie Segler-Vereinigung der Catamaran-Freunde Cuxhaven e.V.
Mr. Schindler
Rodigallee 47
22043 Hamburg
Phone 0170 - 3826503
E-mail: webmaster@catamaran-freunde.de
Internet: www.catamaran-freunde.de


Cuxhaven offers both professionals and beginners among surfers an ideal spot, wind, plenty of space and the right swell.

Designated surfing beaches can be found in the Sahlenburg district, on Sahlenburg Beach and in Grimmershörn Bay. However, due to strong undercurrents, surfing is only recommended at Sahlenburg beach.

Guest moorings for sailing and motor boats

Altenbruch harbour
Altenbrucher Seesport-Verein e.V., registration with the landlord at the restaurant "Zur Schleuse". Sanitary facilities, electricity and water supply possible.

Liegegemeinschaft Cuxhaven Fährhafen e. V.
Phone 0 47 21 / 7 44 60
E-mail: info@lcf-cuxhaven.de,
Internet: www.lcf-cuxhaven.de

Guest berths behind the bascule bridge
Kapitän-Alexander-Straße 19, 27472 Cuxhaven
Phone 0 47 21 / 7 25 01

Neuwerker Bauernhafen
Harbour basin near Neuwerk

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