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Riding village on the coastal heath

Holte-Spangen district

Accommodation service

North Sea Spa Cuxhaven GmbH

Cuxhavener Str. 92
27476 Cuxhaven

Tel.: 0 47 21 / 40 42 00
Fax: 0 47 21 / 40 42 99


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The equestrian village on the coastal heath

https://www.duhnen.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/holte-wappen.jpgAn equestrian village straight out of a picture book. Here beats the heart of the Horse lovers higher. Pony stables for the little ones and riding stables for the big ones, holidays with your own horse or learning to ride in the countryside - here every rider will find what he or she likes best.
And for those who prefer solid ground under their feet, Holte-Spangen offers many beautiful cycling and hiking trails through forest, moorland and coastal heaths.

It is not without reason that Cuxhaven has been named one of the most horse-friendly communities in Lower Saxony and Germany. Many horse lovers spend their riding holidays here or even have their own animals boarded all year round on the surrounding farms and riding stables.

The signposted bridle paths lead from the Holter Heath to the mudflats. The wooded and heather-rich transitional landscape between the Geest and the Marsch is varied, charming and very popular with riders.

A holiday in Holte-Spangen means a holiday in the countryside, in a holiday flat or on a horse farm - with the possibility of taking a bathing trip to the nearby coast at any time. Mudflat trips by horse-drawn carriage to the island of Neuwerk are also offered from Holte-Spangen.

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