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Reaching for the stars

DTV classification for holiday homes and flats

Stars are the quality mark for accommodation in Germany. Whether hotel, inn, guesthouse, holiday flat, private room, farm or campsite, stars offer transparency and product safety. They are each valid for a period of three years. Thus, they provide information on the various classification systems of the DEHOGA and the DTV (excerpts from the criteria catalogues):

Simple and functional accommodation

Simple and functional overall furnishing of the property with basic comfort. The required basic equipment is available. Age-related wear and tear is possible.

Medium comfort accommodation

Practical and good overall equipment with medium comfort. The furnishings are in a good state of preservation and of solid quality.

Accommodation with good comfort

Cosy overall furnishings with good comfort. The furnishings are of better quality, with a visually appealing overall impression.

Accommodation with upscale comfort

Higher-quality overall furnishings with upmarket comfort. Appealing quality with a coordinated overall impression.

Accommodation with first class comfort

First-class overall equipment with exclusive comfort. Generous offer in outstanding quality with very well-kept, exceptional overall impression.

For further information, please visit www.deutschertourismusverband.de

In our host online search, you will find the following information in the column, among others:

n.t. = The stars listed are the result of the corresponding classification of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) or the German Tourism Association (DTV). Providers without a star designation, which are marked with n. t. have not participated in this voluntary classification. This does not indicate their standard of facilities.

z.T. = Providers whose accommodation has only been partially classified.

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