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Family friendly holiday

KinderFerienLand Lower Saxony

The topic of "family-friendly holidays" is of very great importance in the North Sea spa resort of Cuxhaven. That is why we would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the certification initiative for child-friendly holidays in Lower Saxony, which was launched by TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH: Within the framework of the certification KinderFerienLand Niedersachsen by the state of Lower Saxony, hosts throughout the state have the opportunity to have the child-friendliness of their offers checked. The regional tourism organisations check the facilities, services and safety aspects of accommodation and catering establishments as well as adventure providers. If the criteria are met, the award-winning establishments can show their guests: Here they are welcome and in good hands with their children. Families, in turn, can use the award as orientation and help in planning their holidays.

The certification system is not only intended to help identify these businesses, but also to highlight them in terms of advertising, as the certificate awarded as a result is intended to provide a competitive advantage over other businesses and an effective advertising argument. In order to make the certification transparent, the same evaluation criteria are of course applied throughout Lower Saxony. 

Participation is possible in the following categories:

> Accommodation establishments

For example hotels, holiday flats, holiday homes, private landlords, guesthouses, campsites, youth hostels, farm holidays

> Gastronomic establishments

Licensed restaurants requiring a permit within the meaning of §2 GastG

> Amusement parks / adventure facilities

z. e.g. public leisure facilities, sports, adventure and cultural facilities, fun and adventure pools, museums, animal parks, nature parks, amusement parks, passenger boat trips

Participation in the certification is of course voluntary. Establishments that have successfully passed the certification process and meet the quality criteria are granted the right to use the KinderFerienLand Niedersachsen brand for advertising purposes for a period of 3 years. During this time, the enterprises undertake to at least maintain or improve the quality of their offer. The prerequisite for successful participation in certification is that the quality criteria of the respective category are met. If the business is unable to meet these criteria, it will be excluded from certification.


A certification initiative for child-friendly holidays in Lower Saxony

The criteria sheets with all relevant equipment and service features that a child-friendly establishment should fulfil can be found on the Internet on the following homepage.

The North Sea spa Cuxhaven participates in the certification initiative for child-friendly holidays in Lower Saxony.

> Holiday tips and reviews

Join us and contribute to making the North Sea spa Cuxhaven even more child-friendly! If you have any questions about the certification or its process, please contact us by email: gaesteservice@tourismus.cuxhaven.de

Children and parents know best where they like it:

:: Where can children let off steam best in nature?
:: Where is the best place to swim?
:: Where to learn the most?
:: Where to see the funniest animals?
:: And where can you find the most delicious food and the nicest accommodation?

> Already certified establishments:

:: Holiday home Lafrenz Heerstr. 20a, 27478 Cuxhaven

:: holiday home Südermoorweg 6, 27478 Cuxhaven

:: Haus Strandkrabbe
Steinmarner Str. 107, 27478 Cuxhaven

:: Havenhostel Cuxhaven Kapitän-Alexander-Str. 16, 27472 Cuxhaven

:: Holiday home Speckert Hermann-Daur-Weg 18, 27476 Cuxhaven


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