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Holidays in animal company!

Dogs are welcome

Cuxhaven is happy about every four-legged friend. But because many allergy sufferers spend their holidays in Cuxhaven, especially among the children, it is important to be considerate of each other.

Dogs have their own territory on the dog beaches and are also welcome in many restaurants (see list below).

Dogs must be kept ona leash on the dikes, in the dike foreland and on the mudflats.
Inprinciple, dogs must be kept and handled in such a way that they do not pose a threat to public safety and order.

Act responsibly and follow the rules and instructions!

Dog beaches

There are signposted beach sections for holidaymakers with leashed dogs:

  • Altenbruch, lido
  • Grimmershörn, at the buoy bath
  • Grimmershörn Bay, beach access Spa park
  • Kugelbake, dog beach section (only during high season)
  • Sahlenburg, sandy beach, access Wernerwaldstraße

Dogs are prohibited at all other beach sections during the main season (see current guest fee regulations of the city of Cuxhaven, there season A)!

Dog Free Zones

A dog exercise area is located on the meadow below the dike crest between the Steinmarne open-air seawater swimming pool and the Düne1 restaurant(Döse district).
Further free-walking areas will be set up near the castle park and south of the Ritzebüttel market square.

Beach promenades & dike crest

From Alte Liebe to Duhnen you are allowed to walk your leashed dog on the dike crest.

Outside the main season (see current guest fee statutes of the city of Cuxhaven, there season A), all promenades, sandy and green beaches, as well as Grimmershörnbucht, may be walked with dogs.

The ordinance on safety and cleanliness of the city of Cuxhaven must be observed, leashes are compulsory!

Dogs on the mudflats

The mudflat Sea off the coast of the North Sea spa Cuxhaven is protected as the "mudflat Sea National Park".
The following access points to the tidal flats can be used free of charge by guests with leashed dogs during the tidal flats' running times (from three hours before low tide in each case):

  • Duhnen, mudflat car ramp beach access Panoramahaus
  • Döse, height kitesurfing beach
  • Sahlenburg, beach access rescue station

Dog walking trails

Note on the surroundings and the city area: Suitable hiking trails for dog-walkers are located in the area of the Cuxhavener Küstenheide and in the Wernerwald. Dogs must be kept on a leash!

Dog toilet

It goes without saying that the dog's waste must be removed and disposed of by the dog handler!
The Nordseeheilbad Cuxhaven GmbH provides 38 dog toilet stations with bags and waste containers from Altenbruch to Sahlenburg for this purpose. These bags are exclusively intended for removing the dog's waste.

Accommodation for dog owners

Pet-friendly accommodation for holidays with your dog can be found in the current host directory marked with a corresponding pictogram. Please contact the landlord before booking or arriving!
You can enquire online or book your pet-friendly accommodation immediately using the theme search on this link.

Restaurants in Cuxhaven

DistrictNameAddressPhoneDogs allowed?Comment
DuhnenRestaurant - Hotel Seelust DuhnenCuxhavener Str. 65 - 6704721-4020yes
DuhnenBjörn's BeachCuxhavener Str. 6904721-6669156yes
DuhnenHotel Restaurant MeeresruhCuxhavener Str. 7904721-48480no
DuhnenBadhotel SternhagenCuxhavener Str. 8604721-4340yes**Only at Ekendöns Restaurant!
DuhnenHotel Gasthof zur Post Cuxhavener Str. 10104721-508929 yes
DuhnenChristiansen's "Mocca parloursCuxhavener Str. 10204721-43110yes
DuhnenRestaurant By The SeaCuxhavener Str. 10304721-396396yes
DuhnenMetscher DuhnenDuhner Strandstr. 204721-43020yes
DuhnenPizzeria BitterinoDuhner Strandstr. 204721-681234yes
DuhnenPizzeria Don GiovanniDuhner Strandstr. 204721-665944yes
DuhnenStrandhotel Duhnen (Four Seasons)Duhner Strandstr. 504721-4030yes
DuhnenBistro Kamp'sDuhner Strandstr. 904721-403580yes
DuhnenPub "Zum Störtebeker" (Strandhotel Duhnen)Duhner Strandstr. 904721-4030yes*
DuhnenHotel StrandperleDuhner Strandstr. 1504721-40060no
Only in the hotel lobby!
DuhnenBeaconDuhner Strandstr. 3504721-393442yes
DuhnenDuhner beachcomberRobert-Dohrmann-Platz 104721-446262yes
DuhnenNorth StuvRobert-Dohrmann-Platz 204721-43120yes
DuhnenHotel Duhner LandhausSahlenburger Weg 204721-42030yes
DuhnenBehrens beach restaurantSteinmarner Trift 3504721-48572yes
DuhnenEbken at the AHOI RestaurantWehrbergsweg 3204721-47295yes
DuhnenRestaurant WattenblickWehrbergsweg 3404721-45343yes
StickenbüttelBrockeswalde Rifle ClubBarnhope 604721-395112yes
AltenbruchIce cream café Pizzeria Restaurant "PanoramaAltenbrucher Bahnhofstr. 11404722-910341yes
AltenbruchCafé Löwenzahn Am Altenbrucher Markt 604722-489yes
AltenbruchHadler Hof" pub and restaurantBei den Türmen 604722-2280yes
AltenbruchRomeo e GiuliaSt.-Annen-Weg 10152-58938374yes**Only lap dogs allowed!
AltenwaldeHotel Neuses Uwe's RestaurantSc904723-4169noat the restaurant
AltenwaldeHotel Neuses Uwe's RestaurantSc904723-4169yesin the bar
AltenwaldeGrillstation BeckmannMain St. 6504723-3833yeswhen they are quiet
AltenwaldeCafé SchweinLüdingworther Str. 13504723-500366noonly allowed outside
AltenwaldeVan VyMain street 6204723-505016no
OxstedtOxstedt HofOxstedter Str. 1004723-5058724yes
BerenschBerenscher HofBerenscher Dorfstr. 1504723-5056120yesalso in the rooms


:: Small animal practice at the harbour
Dr. med. vet. Micaela Peters
Kapitän-Alexander-Straße 17
27472 Cuxhaven
Phone 0 47 21/ 395-495

:: Dr. Gudrun Stede
Alter Duhner Weg 5a
27476 Cuxhaven
Phone 0 47 21 / 4 89 11

:: Gabriele Strohsahl
Am Lagerfeld 20
27476 Cuxhaven
Phone 0 47 21 / 2 31 33

:: Small animal practice Jens Langer
Am Königshof 42
Phone 0 47 23 / 28 51

:: Jörg H. Ahlemeyer and
Peter Burfeindt
St.-Annen-Weg 5
27478 Cuxhaven
Phone 0 47 22 / 25 16

:: Dr. Petra Hille
Schillerstraße 53
27476 Cuxhaven
Phone 0 47 21 / 5 31 00

:: Hans-Wilhelm Hennings
Papenstraße 84
27472 Cuxhaven
Phone 0 47 21 / 2 27 72

:: Barbara Unicki
An der Schanze 5
27478 Cuxhaven
Phone 0 47 23 / 38 06

Dog beaches on the map:

Source: Map and texts Nordseeheilbad Cuxhaven GmbH - Holiday with dog brochure
Holiday with dogs - Flyer for download (2,8 MiB)Holiday with a dog - Have flyers sent to you free of charge by post
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