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Farewell to America - "Steubenhöft" & Hapag Halls

Cuxhaven's historic passenger terminal

"Steubenhöft" - that is the quay with passenger reception building connected to the HAPAG Halls Cuxhaven. With its eventful history, the historical ensemble HAPAG-Hallen/Steubenhöft is still a reminder of the millions of people who took leave from here on their way to America. In the exhibition, visitors can use the "CUXAUS" database to research emigrations from what is now the district of Cuxhaven.
Experience the exciting guided tour in the Hapag Halls!

Museum ship "Elbe 1

The lightship "Elbe 1" (Mayor O'swald), so called after her position, lies on the inside of the historic bulwark "Alte Liebe" in Cuxhaven's old harbour. The accommodation with chambers, galley and officers' fair are accessible as well as the impressive engine room and of course the command bridge. All nautical and technical instruments are fully functional at all times.

Further information on the museum ship "Elbe 1" 

Fort Kugelbake

Fort Kugelbake was built in Cuxhaven from 1869 to 1879 at the instigation of Prussia and equipped with heavy calibre guns. The fort presents itself as a pentagonal structure with a rampart and a moat, the shape of which roughly corresponds to those of the large forts of those days, as they sprouted from the ground in Germany after 1871 thanks to the French reparation billions. Experience insights into 130 years of forest history. For reasons of liability (participants must sign a disclaimer), visits to the fort are only possible in closed tours by appointment.

Ritzebüttel Castle

After a long period of renovation, which repeatedly raised numerous questions about the preservation of historical monuments, the 600-year-old building has been presenting itself in its interior in a completely new and unusual appearance since autumn 1996. 600 years of contemporary history in its various forms and stages are united in the different parts of the building and rooms of the castle and shed a unique light on the historical courses of time that have shaped this building over the centuries.

It may be regarded as a special feature that the monument protection authority, together with the city of Cuxhaven, agreed on this multi-faceted reconstruction of different historical building conditions and thus painstakingly worked out the most beautiful, most valuable and therefore also most worthy of preservation interior design in each case.

In addition to the wedding room, where civil weddings are regularly held, and an ornamental cloakroom, there is a large banqueting hall on the mezzanine floor of the castle. This medieval building also forms the centre of the building. A wide variety of events such as concerts and lectures take place here.

Another banqueting hall is located one floor up, in the baroque porch. On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the union of the Ritzebüttel district with the city of Hamburg in 1894, this hall was furnished in a representative manner with a wonderful stucco ceiling and wood-panelled walls. Today, this room is once again in its former splendour.

The adjoining, former living quarters of Hamburg's official administrators on the medieval part of this floor have also been reconstructed in the 1894 version and display colourful wall patterns bordered by ornate friezes.

On the second floor of the medieval part of the building is an exhibition room where changing exhibitions are presented.

The festival rooms can be booked for events. Please book directly at Ritzebüttel Castle by telephone: 04721/ 72 18 12.

Museum lighthouse "Dicke Berta"

The "Dicke Berta" (Big Berta) in Cuxhaven-Altenbruch, whose fate the support association of the same name has dedicated itself to, cannot point to any superlatives. Nevertheless, the small lighthouse with the affectionate name had an important function in the area of the Elbe estuary until it was taken out of service in 1983 and was actually to be demolished. Because of the Förderverein, the lighthouse still exists - and you can visit it and be transported back to the exciting times of beacons and lighthouses. Since 2002 it has also been possible to use the "Dicke Berta" as a registry office and to say "I do" at a lofty height.
More information about the lighthouse "Big Berta".

Wind Force 10 - Wreck & Fishing Museum

Cuxhaven's maritime museum tells of the dangers at sea, of shipwreck and the struggle for survival, but also of the hard work on board the fishing trawlers in its varied and exciting exhibition for all age groups.

Two historic fish packing halls together with a modern exhibition building form the authentic location of "Windstärke 10" in the middle of the harbour area. A permanent exhibition on an area of almost 2,000 m² as well as a large room for special exhibitions await you. A play area specially designed for smaller children, an attractive museum shop and the usual service facilities complete the offer.

You can find more information here: www.windstaerke10.net

Duhnen Ship Museum

In over 20 years of passionate collecting, more than 1,000 exhibits from all areas of seafaring have been brought together: marine paintings, ship models, nautical instruments, whaling exhibits, sailors' work, old postcards - and the largest ship in a bottle in the world, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
The Duhnen Ship Museum has been closed since October 2011 - some pieces of this unique collection have been on display again in the museum "Windstärke 10 - Wrack & Fishery Museum Cuxhaven" since 2013.

German Submarine Museum

The German Submarine Museum, founded in 1950 as the personal collection of the former U-boat watch officer Horst Bredow, is located in the Altenbruch district. Since then, it has developed into the central information point for the western world on all submarine issues. In the course of time, a collection of valuable exhibits has also been built up. Today, the archive, which is only accessible to professional visitors, contains about 50,000 photos, information about all submarines of Germany and abroad and their development until today, as well as an extensive library of all relevant literature. The museum and archive have, without any exaggeration, a world-wide reputation. Specialists from Australia and New Zealand to Alaska belong to the staff and to the sponsoring members.
Museum: Altenbrucher Bahnhofstr. 57, 27478 Cuxhaven, Tel. 0 47 22/3 22
Archive: Lange Str. 1 + 3, 27478 Cuxhaven, Tel. 0 47 22/91 23 95 (9-12.30 hrs.)

Ringelnatz Museum Cuxhaven

In the Ringelnatz Museum you will find, among other things, contemporary photos, manuscripts and documents that provide a vivid picture of the multi-layered life and work of the poet and painter.

Joachim Ringelnatz lived in one of the most difficult periods of German history. The First World War, the post-war period with its unprecedented economic crises and hyperinflation, the political turmoil of the 1920s with coup attempts from the right and the left, the exuberant joie de vivre of the "Roaring Twenties", finally the path to National Socialism: all this shaped the work of Joachim Ringelnatz, who, with his anarchic wit, was always a critical, very precise observer and commentator of his present.

Thus his work also reflects his time - in a way that is often entertaining, but sometimes also melancholic and depressing. In the Joachim Ringelnatz Museum you will find an exhibition that takes account of contemporary history as well as the artist's work.


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