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Low tide and high tide in Cuxhaven

Tidal calendar

The displayed water levels and data on high and low water are calculated values that do not show or predict the natural but the theoretical water level. Other influences such as wind can affect the actual water levels. The times given therefore only serve as a rough guide. On-site information about the actual current conditions is essential.

All information given here is without guarantee!

Latitude= 53.8677° Longitude= 8.7174°
Mean High Water (MHW)= 6,55m
Mean low water (MNW)= 3,61m

Reference level: gauge zero (PNP)
Time: continuous winter time (CET)
The tide predictions do not include current meteorological influences!
H: High water N: Low water

Source: Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (https://www.bsh.de/DE/DATEN/Gezeiten/gezeiten_node.html)
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