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Nordic Walking & Skating

In addition to the maritime diversity of the harbour and the world shipping route, the healthy climate and the kilometres of sandy and green beaches, our North Sea spa offers plenty of sporting variety.

The Nordic walking tours in particular are forest paths. These are partly located in the nature reserve "Cuxhavener Küstenheiden", which is of international importance. Please observe the regulations in the nature reserve. Numerous information boards in the area provide information on this.

Inline skaters will find beautiful flat routes in our charming landscape to learn, look and enjoy. Nordic walking in front of and behind the dyke or through the Wernerwald, directly on the North Sea, is an ideal way to enjoy the iodine-rich North Sea air.

Please note that the routes listed are not signposted on site.

Walking routes

The walking routes of routes B are located in the area of the Cuxhaven coastal heaths, one of the largest contiguous heath areas on the mainland of the German North Sea coast. The nature reserve was designated to preserve these unique heathland landscapes with their valuable flora and fauna. For this reason, please pay attention to the information boards in the nature reserve.

Route A

Park in Heinrich-Grube-Weg at the level of Pastor-Drägert-Weg. Follow Pastor-Drägert-Weg (footpath). At the corner of Storchenwiese / Wittkestraße, keep to the right (unpaved path) along the Döser Wettern. After approx. 1.2 km, cross Dorfstraße and continue along Pastor-Drägert-Weg until you reach Brockeswalder Chaussee (round trip approx. 5 km).

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Route B

Park in Hinrich-Wilhelm-Kopf-Straße, turn right onto route B before the barracks gate.

Route B1 - approx. 7.5 km

Route B1 leads through the northern part of the Cuxhaven coastal heath on the right hand side.

Route B2 - approx. 6.5 km

Route B2 then leads through the southern part of the Cuxhaven coastal heath as signposted.

In this nature reserve, you should only use the paved or marked hiking trails indicated on the map. This avoids trampling sensitive plants and disturbing animals such as the adder. These paths take you through a magnificent nature reserve and past enclosures with primitive cattle and horses. If you have your dog with you, please be sure to keep it on a leash.

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Route C

Park in one of the public car parks on Hans-Retzlaff-Straße (subject to charges). Walk towards Wernerwaldstraße and then keep right towards the beach until the end of the road. Turn left and walk along the path (approx. 3 km). In Arensch, the path leads up the dyke, where you turn and walk back along the path to the edge of the forest and turn right. At the next cross path, turn left and follow the path to the Finkenmoor pond. Walk around the Finkenmoor to the left. Turn left and follow the path along the campsite until you reach Wernerwaldstraße.

Route C2 - approx. 5 km

Park at the end of the road Am Lohmsmoor (in the forest). Walk to the right and follow the path that bends to the left after approx. 1 km. Then keep to the right. Walk past the outdoor swimming pool and the entrance to the campsite. At the end of the path, keep left. Follow the path until you reach the Finkenmoor pond. Turn right (if you turn left immediately, the route is slightly shorter) and then left again around the Finkenmoor. Turn right again onto the main path and follow it to the end (shortcut to the left onto Johann-Menke-Stieg). Keep left and walk back to the car park.

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