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Cuxhaven - right in the middle of the World Heritage Site!

Interesting facts about mudflat walking

The rescue station in Duhnen

Source: #dabeiTV

Wind forces & sea state

Wind forceWind speedSea state
1 Quiet draft1 - 5 km/hVery calm sea
2 Light breeze6 - 11 km/hcalm sea
3 weak breeze12 - 19 km/hSlightly agitated sea
4 moderate breeze20 - 28 km/hmoderately agitated sea
5 Fresh breeze29 - 38 km/hpretty rough sea
6 Strong wind39 - 49 km/hrough sea
7 Stiff wind50 - 61 km/hhigh seas
8 stormy wind62 - 74 km/hVery high seas
9 Storm75 - 88 km/hextremely heavy sea
10 severe storm89 - 102 km/hWave crests, rolling of the sea
11 hurricane Storm103 - 117 km/hVery high crests
12 Hurricane> 118 km/hLake white, foamy, air filled with foam, no more visibility



At new moon and full moon, the earth, moon and sun lie on one axis, which means that the attractive forces of the moon and sun add up and the resulting flood mountain becomes higher. This results in a higher high tide and a lower low tide.


If the sun, earth and moon are at right angles to each other, the forces of attraction partially cancel each other out. This creates neap tides, which are characterised by a lower high water and a less receding low water.

Middle Tide

Normally rising high water and normally receding low water.

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