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Thalasso, Spa & Cure

Cures in the North Sea spa Cuxhaven

Whether as a preventive measure or rehabilitation - a cure does your body and soul good!

Since 1816, Cuxhaven has been allowed to call itself a seaside resort, a place where medical-therapeutic facilities are available to carry out cures and the climate as well as the remedies of the sea are used for the cure and bathing business.

Indications in the North Sea spa Cuxhaven

Diseases of the respiratory tract, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin diseases, gynaecological complaints, cardiovascular diseases, complaints in the area of the spine and joints.

Steps to the cure

Recharge your batteries, unwind - no one has to be seriously ill before they can go to a spa. Every person with statutory health insurance who meets the medical requirements is entitled to a health cure, which can be applied for every three years for outpatient treatment or every four years for inpatient treatment. Outpatient and inpatient preventive services are intended to maintain health. Rehab is about restoring health, for example after an accident, an operation or after a serious illness. In Cuxhaven there are two mother / father spa clinics to recharge your batteries: the Strandrobbe Clinic and the Nordseeküste Clinic. Outpatient preventive and rehabilitation services are available at the Thalasso Centre ahoi!

Medical findings

Your application for a cure begins with a consultation with your attending doctor, who will certify the urgency of a cure. Depending on your state of health, he or she will advise you to stay as an outpatient or inpatient and will choose the focus of the treatment with you.

Spa application

Together with your doctor, you fill out the spa application form, give reasons for the application and submit it to your responsible cost unit (health or pension insurance, allowance office). If there is a suitable indication, you can already state your desired spa resort, the North Sea spa Cuxhaven, when submitting the documents.


A neutral medical institution, such as the Medical Service, checks your submitted documents.


File a written objection, preferably with the support of the doctor, within four weeks of receiving the decision.


If the cure is recognised, your competent benefits agency will assume the costs of your treatment. For all cures under social insurance law, the legislator requires a financial co-payment from the patient here. Your statutory co-payment for inpatient preventive and rehabilitation measures is 10 euros per day. The other services are free of charge.
For outpatient cures, the health insurance funds cover the following costs: 100 per cent of the costs for the spa doctor, 90 per cent of the spa medication costs / treatments, health insurance-dependent subsidies for accommodation, meals and spa fees. There is a charge of 10 euros per prescription. These costs must be paid by the patient.
Important: The question of cost absorption should always be settled before the start of the cure! Clarify how much the costs will be covered and whether you have to pay in advance.
Of course, you can also take a cure in Cuxhaven at your own expense at any time.

Appointment with the spa or bath doctor in Cuxhaven

After your cure has been approved, you should contact one of the spa doctors in Cuxhaven in good time, who is also your contact person for an outpatient cure during your stay in Cuxhaven. There you will present the report of your family doctor. Based on the spa recommendation, the spa doctor will prescribe the appropriate spa treatments for you. At the end of the cure, you will receive a report from the spa doctor for your family doctor. This will contain the results of your cure and further recommendations for your medical care after the cure.
You can get further tips and answers to many questions on the subject of spa treatments from the German Spa Association on the website www.deutscher-heilbaederverband.de/die-kur/kurantrag.

Spa offers at the Thalasso Centre ahoi!

Your health comes first at the Thalasso Centre ahoi! Take advantage of the diverse offers for your personal well-being!

Whether you want to do something good for your health with seawater bubble baths, algae and mud treatments or inhalations - the cure offer in the spa area of the Thalasso Centre ahoi! is individually tailored to you and ranges from passive forms of therapy such as massages to active programmes with lots of exercise. Whether you visit the modern Thalasso Centre as a spa guest as part of an outpatient cure, on the prescription of your family doctor or as a self-payer - you are offered a wide range of individual treatment options as part of physiotherapy. You will be cared for by highly qualified specialist staff.

Tips around your cure

Accommodation search: The various accommodation agencies of CUX-Tourismus GmbH will be happy to reserve accommodation for you.

Documents: You will receive the relevant spa documents (spa doctor's certificate, spa funds cheque, etc.) from your health insurance company before the start of the spa treatment. Please bring these and your health insurance membership card (chip card) to the spa doctor of your choice.

Spa doctor: Please book an appointment with one of the spa doctors before you arrive. After the examination, please come with your spa doctor's prescription to our spa and wellness area in the Thalassozentrum ahoi!, Wehrbergsweg 32, where you will receive your binding appointments.

Guest card: You need a guest card to carry out your cure and to bill your health insurance. Make sure that your landlord issues this to you after your arrival.

Cureand holiday: Many people seeking relaxation use the therapy options and facilities offered by a health resort such as the North Sea spa Cuxhaven by spending their holiday here and doing something for their health during this time. After all, it is precisely a series of treatments similar to a cure that can help maintain health or alleviate chronic illnesses.

Cost sharing by the health insurance fund: There is also the possibility of spa treatments within the "spa break" of at least 3 years. This is because you can bring "prescriptions for remedies" for baths, massages, gymnastics or sea silt packs from your family doctor to the North Sea spa Cuxhaven.

For self-payers: Bring a private prescription from your family doctor with the prescription for the desired cure.

You are already a holiday guest at the North Sea spa Cuxhaven and only got to know the spa treatments on site?
Numerous spa treatments from the areas of massage, inhalation, tub bath, thermal therapy, physiotherapy, electrotherapy, thalassotherapy and spa can also be paid for yourself.

Contact - Bathing doctors in the North Sea spa Cuxhaven

:: Dr. med. Klaus Haferkamp, specialist in internal medicine
Strichweg 197, telephone 0 47 21 / 42 63 00
:: Mr. Bernd Reuter, specialist in general medicine
Strichweg 187, telephone 0 47 21 / 4 83 45

:: Dr. med. Volker Geisen, FA for general medicine
Nordheimstraße 75, telephone 0 47 21 / 2 91 64

:: Dr. med. Jens-Holger Ruppelt, general practitioner and Claudius Rösner, internist
Hauptstraße 67, phone 0 47 23 / 39 74
:: Dr. med. Adam von Renstrom, FA for general medicine
Hauptstraße 31, phone 0 47 23 / 32 68

Dialysis in Cuxhaven-Döse:
:: Dr. med. Klaus Overdick and Dr. med. Suchan Lech
FA for internal diseases / nephrology, dialysis practice
Vogelsand 167, telephone 0 47 21 / 4 20 80

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