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Right in the middle of the World Heritage Site

Individual mudflat walking times

for the spa districts of Döse, Duhnen and Sahlenburg (without guide)


Please note that you must start your return journey immediately before the end of the specified mudflat walking time (low tide). The times given lose their validity if the wind force is above 6 for all wind directions (see next but one page), except for easterly winds. The tidal flats are then flooded more quickly, so we recommend returning immediately. If visibility is poor, e.g. in fog, do not walk on the tidal flats at all.

If you are not yet experienced, you should definitely take the opportunity to first familiarise yourself with the mudflats as part of a guided tour of the mudflats. The rescue station of the north sea spa Cuxhaven GmbH (Kurverwaltung) responsible for the mudflats is manned during the specified mudflat walking times. The mudflat walking time in the Sahlenburg and Berensch-Arenscher mudflats begins and ends 20 minutes earlier than the mudflat walking times stated in the brochure.

1 = Springtide
2 = Nipptide
3 = Middle Tide

Detailed explanations of the tides can be found here

Please also use the information on tides - published by the BSH.

Without any guarantee!

You can order the "Mudflat Hiking" brochure free of charge here or view it directly online here.

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