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Meeting with God at the vacation resort - Urlauberkapelle Cuxhaven-Duhnen


Under this link you have the opportunity to support the vacation pastoral care in the vacation chapel, so that it also has a long-term chance in the Hanoverian state church incl. the associated 75% vacation pastor position. The more voices there are for such an offer at the vacation resort in addition to the local church congregation, the more likely a state synod will also be convinced to vote for necessary funds or pastor positions. So thank you if you take the trouble to register, like "like" and feel free to comment. Feel free to share the link with other guests and locals . Every vote counts, collected until November 2023.

What is it about?

As a vacation chapel, it is unique in Germany. It is loved by vacationers from all German states and promoted by locals. In Germany's largest North Sea spa, the former barn (built in 1860) stands in the vacationers' center as a haven of peace and a spiritual refueling station. It is the task of the Ev. vacation pastoral care Cuxhaven-Hadeln in the chapel all year round various meetings with God to make possible. And that succeeds!

In the vacation chapel and around people regardless of denomination and church affiliation take advantage of the following offers of the Ev. vacation pastoral care:

All year round:

  • Reliably open church
  • Candle ship for prayer lights (approx. 20,000 lights per year)
  • Sunday and holiday services
  • Daily devotion
  • Vacation office actions and anniversaries
  • Contact person for pastoral care
  • Music offerings: Calm down with music, open singing
  • Introduction to Christian Meditation in the Meditation Room
  • Guest book table with stamp for the church discoverer passport
  • Spiritual writings of the Ev. Urlauberseelsorge Cuxhaven-Hadeln
  • Bookcase for book exchange and as geocaching station
  • Digital offer: podcasts, online services (Youtube channel)
  • Year-round vacation pastoral care team with vacation pastor (75%)
  • World store with volunteer team

In Germany-wide vacation periods:

  • Bedtime story
  • Communion service with personal blessing
  • Concerts
  • Lecture and discussion evenings
  • Spiritual reading with music
  • Bibliologue
  • Mini-pilgrimage
  • Support from spa pastors from all over Germany
  • Beach and yard devotions of the vacation chaplaincy
  • Offers in the local church congregations of the church district

About the history of the chapel:

  • In 1860 the farm was built and today it is the oldest house in Cuxhaven's Duhnen resort district.
  • In 1952 the farm is sold to the St. Gertrud parish of Cuxhaven-Döse and used as the Duhner Kaplle.
  • 1971 Start of the vacation chaplaincy in the Duhn chapel
  • In 2005, the Duhn chapel gets a bell tower financed by donations.
  • In 2015, the Ev. Urlauberseelsorge im Kirchenkreis Cuxhaven-Hadeln takes over the use of the chapel from the St. Gertrud parish.
  • In 2021, the chapel will be renovated and expanded by the church district at a cost of more than 1 million euros (55% financed by donations from the Protestant vacation chaplaincy of Cuxhaven-Hadeln) to make it fit for the future as a place of hospitality. On 19.12.2021 the vacation chapel will be consecrated again.

Contact: Ev. Urlauberseelsorge Cuxhaven-Hadeln, Pastor Maike Selmayr, Maike.Selmayr@evlka.de

Homepage: www.urlauberseelsorge-cuxhaven.de (external link);

Youtubekanal Urlauberseelsorge Cuxhaven: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc1cAVWqlSqbiXoztO6-c6g

Source: Ev. vacation pastoral care Cuxhaven-Hadeln

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